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In the initial stage, they only sold a small number of glasses in Spain for trial sale. At the end of 2014, guests found us through Alibaba. We have sampled different styles and colors for free. We met with our guests in Shanghai and started the first single cooperation. Although there were only 150PCS to 200PCS per SKU at the time, we supported the guest's LOGO molds for free, as well as complicated colors and printing, and we also developed a complete package for the guests, from boxes, bags to stickers and plastic packaging. After 2016, we have cooperated with FLAMINGO with competitive prices, fast delivery and stable quality to cooperate with famous brands such as CORONA, Atletico Madrid, RANDSTAD, GILMAR, YOIGO, ARENAL and so on. Next, we will cooperate with FLAMINOG on famous brands such as Huawei COLA CAO.
  • Support customer logo
  • Develop the whole packing accessories
  • Provide with competitive price, fast delivery and stable quality.
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