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I.O.I. Industrie Ottiche Italiane S.r.l.

I.O.I is the leader in the Italian reading glasses industry. They have high market occupancy in Italian pharmacies, optical shops, newsstands, supermarkets, stations and so on. In 2012, I.O.I began to develop their solar series, and we had a preliminary contact with them on SILMO. After several proofs and quotations, we won in many competitors. Initially we produced 20,000 sunglasses for our guests. Due to our stable quality and trend-setting style, I.O.I now sells 3 million pcs sunglasses per year and sales of 60 million euros. We have successfully developed denim appliques and sunglasses for our guests, as well as the popular flat film series that are now selling well.

  • Fast lead time and stable quality
  • Our work stands the test of time
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