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Loring is a Spanish brand of reading glasses and sunglasses. At the end of 2014, after the company replaced its new leader, it began to look for new suppliers. In February 2015, when we sent a guest invitation letter to the guests, the guests responded quickly to us. We immediately sent a detailed quotation and a free sample to the customer, and agreed to hold the meeting at MIDO the following month. At the beginning of the cooperation, the customers had different suppliers from different shelves. In the first year, we only got one-fifth of the customers' orders for the whole year. But in the second year, the amount of cooperation with our guests reached 40% of their orders. Our stable product quality, fast and efficient after-sales service, the guests decided to deepen our cooperation with us. Now we are responsible for 70% of the company's annual orders. And we are also the exclusive supplier of a certain series of brands.
  • Stable product quality
  • Fast and efficient after-sales service
  • Try to do better for our customer
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